Website Launch

Well It's About Time

Well, after years of avoiding it I finally caved and made a website.  This will be a good way for you to keep better track of what we have been up to.  We have water again in California and a bit too much at once.   The fishing as of lately has been non existent.  While things may be on a hold for a bit there are still several things you can be doing to help increase your success in 2017.  Who knows how long the rain will continue.  The fish will be thankful come August.

One of the things you can work on is your geography of California.  Google Earth can be a great tool while scoping topographies.  Study main stems of the rivers and feeder creeks that surround it.  Make a list of places you will check out this year.  You may need to put in a lot of miles on your vehicles this year and actually use your 4 wheel drive.  There is so much good water that is untouched in California.  You just need to have a bit of a wild side to you to attain it.  That's where we can help. 

There are many things to look forward to this year.  One of the big ones is our overnight camp out trips.  Stay tuned for more information on this.  New float trips, new species, and new techniques.  With the raft we now have the ability to drop in to some places that were impossible before.  If you are a minimalist we may even have an overnight trip for you.  Smallmouth fishing on the fly can be a real kick.  They attack, pull hard, and eat top water.  We are still wondering what took us so long to start guiding for them.  We will continuously keep you up in the loop with new info to help increase your enjoyment on water. 

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