Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Guide This Summer

If the hot weather this week hasn't clued you in, summer is here.  Finally, after the winter that seemed like it would never end we have the chance to get out and fish.  Here are the top 10 reason to go guided this summer.

10.  Expand your knowledge locally.  Guides are experts on their local water sheds.  They know the ins and outs of everything in the area from where the best local lunch spot is to where to go when the river drops significantly over night.  There really is no comparison for having local home grown advice. 

9.  Fix your bad habits.  Every self taught angler has developed really bad mechanics that need attention.  Sure you may fish a bit and catch fish but fixing your mechanics will only lead to better results.  A good guide can identify flaws in mechanics in an instant and offer different suggestions for fixing them.

8.  Increase your skill set.  It doesn't matter if you have been fishing your entire life or it's your first day, you will always be learning in this sport.  A seasoned full time guide never stops teaching. It is the only thing we can guarantee and control during a trip.  I always guarantee an angler will learn more in a day with me then a year on their own. 

7.  Catch fish.  Hopefully we nail them.  It is really a game of going.  Don't wait for perfect conditions.  By the time things get perfect, you've missed it.  If you want good fishing, you need to go fishing.  We never guarantee how many fish a client is going to catch.  We can't even guarantee that they will catch a fish at all.  We can guarantee that you will leave being a better angler.  Which in the long run will lead to more fish.

6.  More time fishing.  Count how many times you tangle in a day and think about how much time it takes to re-rig.  Most anglers are going to have around 5 tangles in a day that range from simple to severe.  If you add up the time it takes to get going again you are wasting a lot of time with your flies out of the water.  A guide can get you going much faster.  Fish eat flies in the water not out of it.

5.  Test gear.  With the pro pricing guides get we usually have the latest and greatest.  This is an easy way to try out some new stuff without committing to the purchase.  Whether it is a new rod or line, ask your guide what he/she uses and why.  

4.  Thinking outside of the box.  This is anything but a normal year we are having.  The snow pack pushing 200% has made for interesting conditions.  To get good fishing in this year is going to take some extra thinking.  If your normal river fishes at 700 during the summer and is now at 5000 what should you do?  When you finally figure it out, we are already doing it.  

3.  We need it.  This year was an extreme example with how volatile conditions can be.  Most guides didn't work for 3 months while the rivers were flooding.  We are just getting caught up with all the rescheduled trips and lost income.

2.  You can bring a buddy.  Guide rates are based on two anglers.  Maybe you have a friend or family member that you want to get into the sport.  We are the link to dialing them into the skills to catching fish.  Trust me when I say they will listen to us much better then they will listen to you.  Leave the teaching to professionals.

1.  We are fun.  We love fishing, so much so we made a career out of it.  To keep our sanity we have to keep the days fun.  Some guides have some amazing jokes.  We want the day to be memorable, relaxed, and fun.  Did you hear the one about the skunk?