We offer several classes geared to reach all types of anglers. 

On The Water Clinic $150 4 hrs

This class is tailored to beginning to intermediate anglers.  In this class we will focus on more of the "how to" with fly fishing techniques.  We will fish several different methods to cover different ways to catch trout.  You will learn how to read water, understand bugs, and how to methodically fish a river.  We know that after this class you will feel comfortable enough to go out and fly fish on your own.

Spey Lesson $150 4 hrs

The world of 2 handed casting has taken off.  Its hard to look at spey fishing and not want to become a part of it.  We will get you into the swing of things with river right and river left casting.  You will learn about the different types of lines, different casts, and how to properly swing a fly.

Casting Lesson $90 1.5 hrs

Everyone should take this class.  You miss out on a lot of key elements to casting a fly rod when you are self taught.  This class will fast forward you and save you a lot of tangles in the long run.

Advanced Technique $150 4 hrs

You have put your time in and you are still looking to improve.  As guides we love to teach this class.  This is our chance to show you things that we have mastered that we cannot teach to new anglers yet.  We love the technical nymphing class and the advance dry fly class.